About Helen Baly

Helen Baly, Wedding Photographer Shropshire

I have always loved photography and even as a child I was obsessed with taking pictures of the things around me I found beautiful or loved. I have countless albums of friends, landscapes, family, my pets and my holidays.

In 2001, having taken a photography course, I was invited to become an apprentice to a wedding photographer in Chester - a dream come true. I left my job and took a leap of faith. I never looked back and I can honestly say that I have my dream job. I absolutely love being a professional photographer, whether it's capturing wonderful weddings, taking family or pet portraits, doing a commercial photoshoot or taking school or nursery photos. I am a people person and I love meeting lots of new characters, my work has immense variation and I can truly say I feel blessed to be a photographer.

Oh and did I mention...

I am also an artist. I trained as a retail and promotional designer in London many moons ago but I have always painted. Since London I have continued painting and I have held six exhibitions and also sold my art at various fairs too. I do portraits of houses, I paint fine art paintings of wildlife and I occasionally go completely mad with large abstract pieces on canvas using copious tubes of acrylic paint.

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