Commercial Shoots & Event Photography

Whether you need corporate head shots, product shots, property photos, event photography, passport photos, or school & nursery photography, I would love to hear from you.

I spent three years photographing beautiful houses for glossy brochures and this gave me a wonderful eye for detail and an invaluable feel for lighting.

I have a number of schools who book me once or twice a year for photographs of all their pupils and I regularly photograph for school web sites and brochures.

I take a real pride in photographing corporate headshots and gaining an understanding of exactly how a person would like to be portrayed in his or her photograph. I am often asked to undertake regular shoots for clients to keep up with additional staff and I enjoy loyalty from quite a few local businesses.

In all my photographs I try to give my subject a 'soul' even if it's a beautiful bouquet or engagement ring or an incredible car (the Lamborghini was my favourite, though the Lotus wasn't too shabby either !). I have photographed Yoga masters, fishing flies & fishermen, furniture, mugs, exquisite smelling candles, clothing for fashion labels, stunning horses, pheasant shoots, events, parties, award ceremonies, fairs, all sorts of sports from rifle shooting to lacrosse and golf, shoes, food and much more. I love a challenge and I would love to hear from you if you would like a commercial photoshoot, even if it's unusual, but I'll draw the line at photographing spiders !