Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been a photographer ?
A: I have been photographing professionally now for nearly 15 years. I attended photography college, became an assistant to another professional for a year and a half and then became a full time photograher - I love my job !

Q: What is your style of photography ?
A: I describe my style as classic and elegant. My aim is to capture your wedding or your portraits naturally and as you remember that day or time in your lives. I do edit each picture but 99% of the time I would like them to look ‘as taken’ and not stylised by heavy photoshopping or by over posing you and thus your photos will remain true to the day they were taken and not branded as the ‘in style’ of the time.

Q: How soon after a wedding or a shoot will I see my images ?
A: I will aim to show you your images in your own private, on line web gallery within 3-4 weeks of your photo shoot or wedding. For commercial shoots I would hope to show you your images within 10 days.

Q: When will I get my wedding images on disc and how many images will I receive ?
A: All Brides and Grooms receive a complimentary high resolution disc of images from their wedding day. This shows all of my edited images - I will take out duplicates or near duplicates, those where people have closed their eyes or non-complimentary photos of guests. I will send your discs to you within 3 days of making your gallery. You will receive between 500 and 750 images if I am staying until your wedding breakfast and you can expect from 900 to 1200 to include speeches and your first dance.

Q: When will I receive my prints ?
A: If you have requested prints then these will be ordered when you have viewed your gallery. I will receive them from the lab within a week, I will wrap and ribbon them in a presentation box which I will send to you by first class post.

Q: Can you tell me about your albums and do we choose the images ourselves ?
A: Yes, the choice of images for your album is yours to make, though I am happy to advise if requested. I offer 4 album makers to choose from so depending on your choice I will advise you of how many images to choose. You can select your images from your disc, your gallery or prints. I will need to know your top 10-20 favourites which I will try to ensure have prominent positions or full page places. I will make a proof for you which you can view on line and from this you are welcome to request as many changes (without financial penalty!) as you wish before it goes to print. Print times vary from one album maker to another.

Q: Do you have an assistant ?
A: My preference is to work alone as this way I ensure I am in complete control and I do not have to rely on anyone else to take a shot or miss something important. Whilst the photography is extremely important I am aware that it should not dominate your wedding day both from your point of view or for your guests and often 2 photographers can be quite an overwhelming presence. However, for larger events I can request extra cover to assist me ranging from a student to another professional but the extra charge will vary according to their experience.

Q: What happens if you are ill on the day of our wedding ?
A: This is a terrifying prospect ! I am a very healthy person, farmer’s daughter and outdoor dweller by choice so until now I have never missed a wedding due to ill health ! I have only once had to ask for alternative cover for a favourite cousin’s wedding. I have to reserve the right to duck out on occassions such as this as I am sure you would sympathise. However, I do ‘belong’ to a group of other professional photographers on whom I can call and then give you a list to choose from. Your chosen other would act as photographer for your day and I would continue with our contract from edit onwards with no extra cost to you. Should you wish to entirely replace me in the above instance then all monies paid by you to me would be refunded in full.

Q: Are you happy to work with a videographer ?
A: Yes, I am very happy to. It would be good to liaise with them beforehand to make sure that we are familiar with each other’s style and method of working, I have often found that working with a videographer can lead to extra creativity.

Q: Are you insured ?
A: Yes, I have public liability cover and professional indemnity and insurance on my equipment.

Q: Are you CRB checked ?
A: Yes, I am CRB checked. I am also a mother of three wonderful young children. I regularly shoot portraits and I have schools as clients who ask me to photograph their pupils and their schools on a regular basis.

Q: Do you have a Privacy Policy ?
A: Yes, in accordance with GDPR our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

Q: How will you dress on our wedding day ?
A: We have all been at weddings where the photographer looks like a badly dressed crow ! I promise you that I will look smart and well presented in an appropriate dress, I will blend well with your guests and I will be a photographer you can be proud of !

Q: What are your prices ?
A: Please pop me an email via my contacts form and I will be delighted to tell you more. I look forward to hearing from you.